Dear Universe...

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Is it Max? Is it really?  I want to believe that it is - that some benevolent, consistent source of goodness surrounds us all and unfolds exactly what we need at the right time.  That there's some kind of divine order to our own evolution as well the world's. I so want to believe that no matter the time, no matter the place, no matter the life, nor the world's, is not spinning out of control, but is gently unfurling into its glory.  

I feel this way the majority of the time, but then suddenly, like a bird flying assuredly yet completely unaware into a window, my viewpoint is shattered as body meets glass. My faith in everything happening as it should (I prefer the expression 'as it will') is put fiercely to the test.  Leaders are killing their own people.  Children are being raped by their teachers. Governments are no longer for the people, ran by people we trust, but are corporately-owned and cater to those with the most money.  Our planet is pleading desperately for our help to save her and we continue to ignore her cries.  When I see and read about these things happening, when I experience injustice and dishonesty. I begin to question whether things are unfolding as they should. It is no longer clear. 

And I so want to be clear.  

And I want to trust.

And I want to continue to believe that compassion, empathy, kindness, peace, and love are the means in which we can best communicate, relate, and understand each other every day.

Dear Universe...If chaos is just as necessary an ingredient as calmness is to insure transformation takes place, can you help us see the errors of our ways more expediently and guide us to making better decisions for ourselves, for others, and for our world right now, not tomorrow?  Oh, and can you also help me to remember that patience is one of life's greatest lessons? I know you can handle these two requests simultaneously. Thank you, Lila. 

And've been having conversations with the Universe a lot longer than I have so I'll trust you.