LIAV Camp - A Very Strong Offering

Life is a Verb.  Why yes it is, Patti Digh.  From the moment I knew of you until the moment I met you until now, you and your offerings have reminded me of this truth time and time again.  Life is not a static, stay-put, nothing-ever-changes event that happens to us. Life is a meandering road of beautiful and bittersweet moments and continuous choices that we create as our own existence.

Life is and we are...

moving experiences passing quickly through time. 


The truth is we don't have all the time in the world. Every day we live brings us a bit closer to our own deaths. It's not dying I'm afraid of. It's not living my life as full, deep and wide as I want to. I feel content with how I live most of my days, but there are some I waste and some I wish I would have lived differently. I believe forgiveness and self-compassion are verbs as well. Mary Anne Radmacher's words in the above photo are some of the wisest and most touching I know of when it comes to being kind with ourselves.       

For four days last month in North Carolina, I and about a hundred other people lived our lives wide open, deeply connected and fully present. We laughed and played together like kids. We cried and communicated in ways with each other that many of us yearn for in our daily lives. We were a courageous bunch of folks who gathered as relative strangers and said goodbye as dear friends.

Thank you, Patti for "opening space for magic to happen for a small community of fellow travelers."  You've encouraged us to make strong offers by leading the way with yours. This extraordinary camp you've created is a dream come true for all of us.