Go For Broke

It was the name on the street sign that caught my attention.  The Hawaiian alphabet only has thirteen letters with most street names being longer than the actual alphabet. You can have as many vowels as you'd like, but there are no g's, f's, r's or b's to be had. So it was odd to see a street name more akin to something you'd see on the mainland, but that wasn't what caught my attention. It was the message the sign implied that made me stop my car, take a photo, and have a laugh.

Go For Broke. What exactly does that mean?  And what did it mean for me the first time I saw it and now, two weeks later?

Go For Broke is a Hawaiian Pidgin phrase meaning 'to wager everything.'  I had assumed it was something like that, but I had no idea the impact those three words would have that day and in the coming days in my life.  That day the sign's message said to me things like, "Go for it. Do what you want" and "You'll never get a chance to have a day like this again" and "Don't hold anything back." Who wouldn't want to come across a sign like this every day with implied messages like these? That was the day and I pretty much followed the sign. There was only one way to go and that was in the direction of what I really wanted to experience. 

Two weeks later...Suffice it to say, I have wagered quite a bit in my time here on Earth, but not everything. I've wagered jobs, relationships, money, my safety, my sanity, and myself, but everything? No. Not until now perhaps. Perhaps I was supposed to see that sign in my life now so I could ask, "What might I be willing to wager everything on?"   

Oh, how I adore a good question!  One that makes my heart beat a little faster. One that pauses my breath.  One that I don't want to answer is usually the exact one I should be asking.  If a question messes with my bodily functions and stirs up my head, it's a sign. And now I had one literally staring me in the face. 

What might I be willing to wager everything on?  My feelings. More specifically, the feeling of love. Love in all its forms and permutations. Love with all its conflicting emotions and contradictions. Love and its close companions; passion, desire, lust...I want to feel them all.

Love. Because it is the only direction the arrow is pointing me in these days.