Love is a Funny Thing

"Love is a funny thing.

It's making my blood flow with energy. 

And this life, an awakened dream

is what I've been wishing for, is happening." 

-Jason Mraz


Yes, Jason. Love is a funny thing indeed. 

Love is what brought me into this world and it's the only thing I'll take with me when I leave. Love is what has made me whole and it's what has torn me to pieces. Love has pried my heart wide-open and it's what has kept me hidden not wanting to be seen. Love is what transforms my feelings into words and it's what has silenced my voice. Love has been my greatest teacher and it's what continues to be my most challenging lesson.  Love is what I'm here to do and it's what I'm here to be.

Love has awakened in me a happening; an awakened state of being at mid-life. 

I call it a Fierce Softening.  

No mid-life crises for me, no thank you. Just opportunities to love more and feel free, yes please.

Love is a funny thing and so is awakening.  

It was time to share my secret...

The middle-aged someone I'm becoming and loving more these days is me.