an awareness of missing...


I AM...

Daring to feel more of everything these days.

The moment just before I open my eyes from the somewhere else I've been during the night. The coffee that slides down my throat first thing before any food follows. The hard-packed surface of wet sand beneath my feet as they move across the shore. The sudden rage towards the driver that runs the obvious red light. The joy of soft fur against my face for another day. The impact of just a few words spoken.

Hungry to experience all that life offers. 

I want to gulp, slurp and swill down sadness knowing it's the golden elixir to reveal whatever long ago wounds still need tender care.  I crave silence and solitude and I need intimacy and connection. I want to savor moments like they were dear friends holding me close for the last time. I will fling my arms out wide as a gesture of how willing I am to go where spirit guides me.

Undaunted to share what stirs me most.   

This awareness of missing. This wildfire that blazes within me.  It's my words and it's love. Always love.

I'm ready to burn.