I have never eaten this healthy in my life. During the last seventeen days (and for the next fourteen), I have consumed only fruit, vegetables, legumes, grains, nuts and seeds. The first ten days of this cleanse was just juicing. Other than bananas and avocados, any produce that came near the juicer was game for being pulverized.  I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed the different juices (carrot-apple-ginger was a personal fave) and how little I felt hungry.

On Day 11, I re-introduced chewing and warm foods and heaven descended and landed into my mouth. I didn't know how much I'd missed the sensation of moving my jaw up and down and the feeling of warmth on my tongue and in my belly. I also didn't know how much I would learn about cleansing and myself in so little time.  

I've been literally bonked in the head over the course of my life with no serious injuries or lasting side-effects (at least that I'm aware of). Sometimes the biggest bonks aren't physical ones. While my body has certainly undergone a few changes the past two and half weeks, it's what normally lurks inside my head (my beliefs, my habitual patterns of thinking, and my inner voice) that has experienced the most change. There have been times during this cleanse when I've wanted to smack someone else upside the head, but it's been my own that's been been royally smacked. 

Here are my Top 10 Cleansing Bonks...

1. What I think my body wants and what it actually needs are two entirely different things.

2. Cravings do not need to be acted upon. Cravings are just incessant whispers reminding me what I should pay more attention to and feel, not stray away from and numb out on.

3. Discipline and consistency - two personal traits I'm not particular keen on or known for - have become surprising allies.  

4. Patterns of behavior can only be changed if you really want them to change. Lip service never works. Soul digging does. 

5. Accountability to someone else other than myself both kicks and keeps my ass in line. 

6. Creativity of mind has a direct connection with purity of body.

7. How I treat my body is often how I treat my life; careless, unaware, expendable. No more.

8. If I can be committed to this cleanse, this way of eating and being for a month, I can be committed to anything else in my life if I want it bad enough.  

9. What I choose to eat and drink not only says how I take care of my body (or not), but it also says how I care for other living creatures and the planet.  

10. Once you know something, you cannot "unknow" it. 

Do I recommend a good scrub-a-dub of the body's toxins? Absolutely. I have had more energy (not that I needed that) and less anxiety.  I've slept better and felt lighter.  I've lost weight and that's great, but that wasn't why I did this cleanse. I'm on this cleanse so I can see what I wasn't wanting to see; there's a me that wants to escape pain and indulge in pleasure no matter the cost. And I thought I was just going to be eating fruits and veges, nuts and seeds and having happy little eating epiphanies throughout the month.  Right.   

More so than any physical health benefits, I recommend a cleanse to shake and stir up the choices you make and perhaps come to a better understanding of why you make those choices when it comes to your food consumption. Obviously, we must eat to remain alive, but what we eat and drink (and I have no doubts about this now) plays a HUGE role in how good a life we will live. I want one that's happy, healthy and has respect for our world. It's a tall order I want to continue to live into.