50 Shades of Red

Photo by Leo Horthy

Photo by Leo Horthy


50 shades of grey
makes its debut on screen
on valentine's day.

how can i possibly
pay to see this film
when the book
from which this movie was made
was the worst writing ever?

soft porn sells and so does sex
but seriously...
what is it that we really ache for?

passion?  intimacy?  love?
adventure? connection? freedom?
complete and utter euphoria?
is such a thing possible?  

give me 50 shades of red instead
and words written so well
desire simmers on every page

this heat, this ink
will not be made into a movie
but this book...
the one burning within me
can no longer be contained
and so...
i write.

I was there the first night it opened.  The long-awaited film debut of the book, 50 Shades of Grey, premiered Friday the 13th and after watching the trailer (more times than I'd like to admit), I didn't want to wait long to see it. My husband, two girlfriends and I went and were surprised to find that a horrifically-written book could be turned into a pretty decent movie. Or should I say, indecent in a very delicious way.

There was A LOT of skin shown and enough different camera angles to let one's imagination fill in the missing pieces (pun intended) of what wasn't shown. I'm not a film critic, but I am a lover of well-told tales and well-toned bodies. 50 Shades of Grey delivers the goods when it comes to chiseled physiques, but fails as far as stories go because it is, unfortunately, a familiar one; powerful, handsome, wealthy man seeks beautiful, naive, not-anywhere-near-wealthy woman to woo into bed and have his way(s) with her.  Please. 

I hated the book not just because it was painful to read sentences like "My breath hitches" a million times (I  think most high school students who've had sex could write better soft porn than E.L. James did), but because it portrays a stereotypical sexual plot where the male is dominant and the female is submissive.  Despite the film staying true to its original story, I didn't hate the movie.  I did get aroused at times while watching it and I did wonder what it would be like to see this plot played out differently where the man and the woman switched roles. 

50 Shades of Red isn't the book I'm writing, but were I to try my hand at fiction, perhaps I'd also make millions if the story told was one that cast the woman as the dominant lead and the man as the submissive.   But then...(insert long pause for dramatic effect) what kind of story/movie might turn on both men and women?  What would a story/movie look like where men and women played out all the roles they both fantasized about and helped each other fulfill?  How would readers and audiences feel about watching real passion, real sex scenes,  and real relationships unfold on the pages and screen?  

A well-crafted story that's not only filled with lust and sexy scenarios, but one that shows what longing, deep intimacy and true connection with another human being really looks like on camera would be, in my opinion, hotter than any fuck scene I've ever seen.