What if we just kept falling?

We fall down. We get up. 

We fall behind. We play catch up. 

We fall from grace. We reclaim status. 

We fall out of favor. We want back in.  

We fall short. We try harder.   

We fall in love. We grow out of it.

What if we just kept falling?  


We fall down on our knees not to immediately bounce back up, but to get closer to God and the smell of the earth we're blessed to walk on for a short period of time. 

We fall behind in our over-scheduled lives not to cause stress, but to remind ourselves that the quantity of play in our lives is often reflected in the quality of our work. 

We fall from grace not to purposely disappoint others, but to remember we have lessons to learn and a purpose that is ours alone to fulfill.

We fall out of favor not to relinquish someone's approval, but to release that which we can no longer serve or serves us.    

We fall short of our goals not to fail, but to become bigger and better dreamers. 

We fall in love not to break hearts or our own, but to break wide open and be more love than we were before.