I'll Tell You What's Crazy

What's crazy is Prince died suddenly last week at age 57.  Millions of people are missing him.

What's crazy is never knowing your friend has been living in so much pain until the day you find out he's taken his own life.  Everything that could have been had he chosen to stay, he will miss. And so will we.

What's crazy is my 92 year old grandmother still wants to live despite being on oxygen 24/7, resting/sleeping most of the day and taking medications to keep her alive. She doesn't want to miss anything.  I get this. I don't want to miss anything either until I take my last breath.  

What's crazy is most of us (myself included) live as though we have all the time in the world and our own death is somewhere far, far away in the future from where we are now. What's missing in this crazy thinking is the truth that we could die at any moment. Every day we live takes us a little closer to death; to the deaths of celebrities we love and admire, to the deaths of our beloved friends and family members, to our very own ending.

What's crazy is how quickly life continues on after death. As it has always done. As it always will do. 

May we all be keenly aware of how close death actually is lest we forget to really live.  Let us not miss each other while we're still alive.