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A safe and compassionate place online to share our stories of good deeds and kind gestures. 

A web presence where people can be reminded we are all human beings doing our best to live our lives no matter the circumstances.

A comforting space to receive comfort and feel a sense of belonging to one another.  

An opportunity to pass along the kindness and goodness to others. 


Photo by Lloyd Lemmermann


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Wine & Whimsy

This is the page where drinking and poetry happen.  Not necessarily together, but sometimes they get along quite nicely as a pair.  Come for the words or the grape recommendations. Postings usually happen here once a week. Drinking and writing poetry can occur more frequently offline. If those two activities sound like something you'd be interested in collaborating on, I'd encourage you to click here.  


the suddenness of everything - June 11, 2018

the pop of the cork simply unsettled me. like the squeal of tires on wet pavement.  like the scream of a child in pain. like everything i've heard previously in one moment and like nothing i've ever heard in the next.  

unlike the night just before this one, when the sound was all too familiar, when the reason to open up the bottle was to celebrate life, the day just lived, everything that put smiles on our faces or made us sing for another incredible go round the sun. this evening was different.

she was here one moment, in the way we knew her and then she was gone in the next. still, we knew her and still she existed and yet the suddenness of everything changed the way the child screamed, the tires screeched and the cork popped.

~~~for friends who have just lost dear friends






the feeling of blue - June 28, 2018

the feeling of blue. in this world of ours right now, it's nothing new. sometimes the overwhelming sadness can take on a different hue. 

lighter shades fade away- midnight, indigo, sapphire stay. the loss of loved ones, through our sorrow we pray, for the reconciliation of how time continues on every day.

to hold tender that which once was and to also let go. grief is a lifetime companion, this we know. let the river run its course, embrace the water's flow.

lift your eyes and look beyond the wide blue sea. open your arms and experience love that will always be. the salt of our tears gently sets us free.


cerise - June 2,2018

liquid cherries dance around her tongue

she doesn't sit upright when she sips her wine

nor does she keep her legs crossed.

don't let the sparkly silver bear on the bottle 

fool you.

this vintage is light, but feels heavy and dark

like Cerise's clothes, mascara and mood.


Cote du Rhone 2016 Petit Ours by Matthieu Barrett

Montmarte apartment, paris  May 28, 2018

Sipping a lovely Chablis while seated in our bedroom's window.  Light, fruity and cold. It was a 2016 Un Grand Du Vin Bourgogne from Charly Nicollle