Wine & Whimsy

Sometimes it's a picture and short story about the wine. Sometimes it's a poem. Sometimes it just might be the photo of the wine. Come and visit often for the words or the grape recommendations. I'll post one or the other at least once a week. 

June 2, 2018


liquid cherries dance around her tongue

she doesn't sit upright when she sips her wine

nor does she keep her legs crossed.

don't let the sparkly silver bear on the bottle 

fool you.

this vintage is light, but feels heavy and dark

like Cerise's clothes, mascara and mood.


Cote du Rhone 2016 Petit Ours by Matthieu Barrett


May 26, 2018

Montmarte apartment,Paris

Sipping a lovely Chablis while seated in our bedroom's window.  Light, fruity and cold. It was a 2016 Un Grand Du Vin Bourgogne from Charly Nicollle